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Anadrol / Oxymetholone

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Anadrol is the most potent and most effective oral steroid available on the US market. This drug has a strong androgenic effect, which is combined with a strong anabolic effect. Thanks to these properties of Anadrol, athletes achieve huge gains in strength and muscle mass in a very short time. 


When using Anadrol, there is an increased water retention in the body, muscle volume quickly increases and athletes achieve a massive look in record time. Since the muscle cell attracts a lot of water, most athletes muscles take on a smooth (puffy) appearance.

Anadrol does not provide qualitative muscle growth, only quantitative, which is desirable in the off-season. 

During the use of Anadrol, additional fluid accumulates in the joints, thanks to which athletes with joint diseases have less painful workouts. Thanks to a strict diet and the simultaneous intake of Anadrol, Nolvadex and Proviron, water retention can be reduced to a minimum with a large increase in solid muscle mass. Anadrol increases the number of red blood cells in the blood, so that the muscles are better supplied with oxygen. Thanks to this property of Anadrol, a significant increase in blood volume is observed in the athlete’s body, which is why during workout there is an increased flow of blood to the muscles and the athlete receives an incredible pumping effect. During workouts, after a small number of approaches, many bodybuilders talk about an excessive and even painful pumping effect due to which they have to finish training one muscle group and move on to training another muscle group. The strong androgenic property of Anadrol promotes rapid recovery after physical activity. Very often, after a hard workout, an athlete feels that he could still train for a few more hours. These properties of anadrol appear even when the athlete trains 6 times a week.

Although Anadrol is not a classic steroid that is used during the final stages of preparation for bodybuilding competitions, it still, like no other drug, helps athletes maintain muscle mass and ensure high-intensity training during a pre-competition diet. Many athletes use it until the last week before the competition, and problems with water retention in the body are solved with the help of antiestrogens and diuretics, thanks to which they appear on stage massive with lean muscles.

Dosage: 100-200mg per day

Dosages for each athlete vary between 1-2 mg per kilogram of body weight per day. That is, an athlete weighing 100 kilograms (220 pounds) needs to use 100-200 mg of Oxymetholone per day. It is not recommended to use more than 4 tablets (200 mg) of Oxymetholone per day. You should start taking Anadrol with one tablet per day - 50 mg. After a week, the daily dose can be doubled and taken morning and evening with meals. Professional athletes who are already advanced or weigh over 220 pounds (100 kg) can increase this dose to 150-200 mg per day in the third week, but this dosage should not be used for more than 2-3 weeks.


Due to the very rapid saturation of receptors, it seems reasonable to limit the duration of drug use to a maximum of 6-10 weeks. It often happens that at the beginning of a cycle of Anadrol there is a phenomenal increase in strength and muscle mass, and then this progress stops. There are two options here: either further increase the dosage of Anadrol, which should be avoided due to the increasing risk of negative side effects, or it is better to switch to another drug. In 5-6 weeks of taking Anadrol, an athlete can gain about 22 lbs (10 kg) in weight.  It is important that after finishing taking Anadrol, the steroid cycle must be continued with the use of other drugs, otherwise the athlete, which has already been repeatedly tested in practice, will quickly regain the original form that he had before. A famous strongman once said:  "If after stopping taking Anadrol you urinate three times, you will weigh exactly 12 lbs (5 kg) lighter and bench press 22 lbs (10 kg) less". That is why experienced athletes continue the “course” for another 4-5 weeks, using injectable testosterones such as Sustanon-250 or Testosterone Enanthate.

To build muscle mass and strength, athletes often combine Anadrol with Deca-Durabolin aka Nandrolone Decanoate + Testosterone. One of the most effective combinations, adored by professionals – this is Anadrol 200 mg per day, Parabolan 700 mg per week, as well as Sustanon 1200 mg per week. This combination builds muscle mass and strength like no other, but does not do any good for those new to steroid use. Anadrol can be introduced into the “diet” only when the athlete has reached a certain level of development, and also when he has accumulated some experience in using “softer” steroid drugs.


The active chemical substance oxymetholone is easily converted into estrogens, so aromatization and water retention in the body are common, which requires taking antiestrogens - Nolvadex or/and Proviron.

Side Effects:

High doses of Anapolon cause severe water retention. For some athletes, this can lead to increased blood pressure. In extreme cases, this entails the need to take a antihypertensive drug. Part of the active chemical (oxymethalone) can also be converted into dihydrotestosterone, which is why severe acne and increased hair loss are possible. Side effects such as headache, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, drowsiness and diarrhea may also occur. Unlike the drug Dianabol, which is a “drug of good emotional state,” an athlete may experience a feeling of “general malaise” when taking Anadrol. A paradoxical situation often arises: on the one hand, the athlete becomes stronger and more massive, but on the other hand, he does not feel very well. Increased aggressiveness with high androgen levels is even more pronounced when large amounts of Testosterone are administered simultaneously. Anadrol is not suitable for older athletes as they are more susceptible to various side effects, and they also have a particularly high risk of liver damage and prostate adenoma. In combination with the usual high-calorie and, unfortunately, often high-fat diet for building muscle mass, Anadrol can lead to an increase in cholesterol levels in the blood and an increase in the content of low-density lipoproteins. Since Anadrol has an inhibitory effect on the hypothalamus, which reduces or completely stops the release of gonadotropic hormone, the production of its own testosterone is greatly reduced. Therefore, it is imperative to take testosterone-stimulating drugs, such as HGG and Clomid, in order to maintain hormone production in the testicles at a more or less normal level. At the beginning of taking Anadrol, some athletes notice a greatly increased sexual interest, which subsides after a couple of weeks. Women are not advised to use Anadrol, as it causes strong and partially irreversible masculinization phenomena: acne, clitoral hypertrophy, decreased voice, increased hair growth on the face and body, increased libido, hair loss on the head and antisocial behavior. Anadrol is simply too strong for the female body. And yet, some bodybuilding competition participants take this drug and achieve enormous success. Women who do not want to give up Anadrol, which gives incredible results, but at the same time want to reduce as much as possible all sorts of side effects caused by its androgenic nature, can start it 25 mg, using Anadrol for 2-4 days with a subsequent pause and combining it with some “soft”, mainly an anabolic injectable steroid, such as Primobolan Depot or Durabolin aka Nandrolone Phenylpropionate. At the moment, among the oxymetholone preparations on the USA market, there is Turkish Abdi Ibrahim Anapolon 50 (blister of 20 tablets of 50 mg), Thai Androlic (bottle of 100 tablets of 50 mg), Pharmacom Labs Oxymethos ( box of 100 tablets of 25 mg), Canada Peptides (Canada BioLabs) Anadrol (bottle of 100 tablets of 25 mg) and Balkan Pharma Anapolon (blister of 20 tablets of 50 mg)


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