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Anastrozole - Aromatase Inhibitor for Hormone Therapy

Anastrozole is an anti-estrogen drug that is available in tablet form. Anastrozole has gained immense popularity among strength athletes. Bodybuilders, Strongmen, classical bodybuilding athletes, men's physicists, woman physicists, body fitness and other athletes use Anastrazole in their arsenal. The drug helps to avoid gynecomastia, relieves swelling and other negative side effects that often accompany a course of taking anabolic steroids. Arimidex has a strong effect and its effect is almost immediate - just one milligram of the active substance can reduce the level of estradiol in the blood by 75%

Even Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) cannot compare with Anastrozole in terms of potency. However, the drugs have different operating principles, so comparison between them is unlikely to be correct.

What effects does Anastrazole have?

Anastrozole has the following effects on the body:

  • reduces the level of aromatization;

  • has inhibitor properties;

  • lowers the content of estrogen in the blood.

One of the most important properties of the drug is its fairly rapid effect. Just a couple of hours after use, the maximum concentration of the active substance is observed in the blood. In this case, the suppression of the aromatization process occurs in the shortest possible time. Therefore, Anastrozole is considered one of the most effective drugs for athletes who have a tendency to aromatize.

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