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Dianabol, Methandienone, Anabol, Methandrostenolone, Danabol - this list can be continued endlessly. Perhaps 95 percent of users began their acquaintance with anabolic steroids with this drug.


In its chemical structure, Dianabol is similar to 17-alpha-methyltestosterone, so Dianabol has a strong anabolic and androgenic effect, which manifests itself in a significant increase in strength and muscle mass. An increase of 2-5 pounds (1-2 kg) per week for the first three weeks, for beginners who follow a proper diet, is the norm when taking Dianabol. The gained body weight consists of an actual increase in muscle tissue - muscle fiber hypertrophy and due to fluid retention in the body. 


The range of Dianabol dosages is very different, especially among bodybuilders, strongmen and powerlifters. This range of dosages extends from 2 to 15 or more tablets daily.

Athletes who believe that they should definitely take a double-digit number of Dianabol tablets every day would do well to listen to what Ciba-Geigy AG says about its own Dianabol drug: “The most obvious criterion for the action of Dianabol is an increase in body weight. There is no direct relationship between the increase in body weight and the dosage amount.” Of course, this does not mean that each athlete should take only one 10 milligram tablet per day. The daily dose that really works well for an athlete is somewhere around 40-60 mg. Dosages should always be tailored to the individual characteristics of the athlete. 


Newbie steroid users should never take more than 40 mg of Dianabol per day, as with this dose they will be able to achieve significant results after 8-10 weeks. If the effect of Dianabol on this group of athletes (new to steroid use) decreases after approximately 5-6 weeks, and the athlete would still like to continue the “cycle,” he should not increase the dosage of the drug. It is better, in addition to Dianabol, to take some injectable steroid such as Durabolin (Nandrolone Phenylpropionate) 400 mg per week or Primobolan 400 mg per week or completely switch to one of the above-mentioned drugs in a higher dosage. For impatient intermediate-level athletes, a combination of Dianabol 40 mg per day and Deca-Durabolin 400-500 mg per week will work wonders.

American bodybuilder Dan Duchaine, nicknamed the “Steroid Guru,” in his book “Underground Steroid Handbook II” writes: “If you don’t gain mass on Deca (Nandrolone Decanoate) + Dianabol, then you won’t gain weight on anything at all, no matter how good the drug is.”

Advanced level athletes weighing 220 pounds (100 kilograms) or more who are primarily interested in strength and then muscle mass can combine Dianabol with Parabolan and Testosterone. More advanced athletes and PRO athletes who are interested in increasing strength and muscle mass most often use the following combinations:

Testosterone | Sustanon
Trenbolone Enanthate
Equipoise (Boldenone Undecylenate) 


Nandrolone Decanoate


Trestonolone Acetate (MENT)

Of course athletes of this level actively use Growth Hormone, Thyroid Hormones, IGF-1 LR3, HCG, Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators, HMG, Aromatase Inhibitors and other ancillaries.

Dianabol is practically unsuitable for preparing for bodybuilding competitions, since in many athletes it causes severe water retention, and also, due to its high convertibility into estrogens, makes it difficult for the athlete to lose fat. Athletes who do not suffer from this problem, as well as those who have become proficient with Nolvadex and Proviron, can take Dianabol with “pre-competition” steroids - Parabolan, Winstrol Depot, Masteron, Oxandrolone and others. 

Women using Dianabol 10-20 mg per day achieve impressive results.

Female bodybuilders who are not sensitive to the additional influx of androgens, as well as those who are not at all afraid of the side effects of masculinization, use 10-25 mg of Dianabol per day for a maximum of 4-6 weeks. Higher dosages and longer periods of taking Dianabol bring greater results, but make the presence of androgens noticeable in the female body. More than 10-20 mg of Dianabol per day and 50-100 mg of Deca-Durabolin (or 200 mg of Primobolan Depot) per week for more than 4-6 weeks should not be taken by a woman who values her femininity.

Since Dianabol lasts for about 4 hours, it should be taken at least three times a day to achieve sufficient concentration of the chemical in the blood.  Scientific research has found that the effect of Dianabol on training days is even shorter compared to rest days, so the best option would be to take Dianabol 4 times a day. Since Dianabol has a methyl radical at the 17-alpha position, it should be taken sublingually (under the tongue) to minimize the risk of possible liver problems. 72 hours after you stop taking Dianabol, the presence of its active chemical substance (Methandienone) in the blood according to test results is negative. This means that the effects of using Dianabol have worn off. However, a competitive athlete undergoing a doping test should rely only on a negative urine test, since the excretion of methandienone breakdown products in urine takes longer. The maximum concentration of the active chemical substance Dianabol (Methandienone) in the blood is achieved 1-3 hours after taking it. Taking just 20 mg of Dianabol leads to a five-fold increase in the average amount of testosterone in a man. 

A significant reason why Dianabol works well for every athlete is that the endogenous production of cortisol is reduced by 50-70%, as a result of which the breakdown of protein in the muscle cell slows down significantly. 

Side Effects:

Dianabol has many potential side effects, these are rare at dosages up to 30 mg per day. The main problem when taking Dianabol is the load on the liver: in high dosages and with long-term use, the drug has a toxic effect on it. However, even at a dosage of only 30 mg per day, the drug can increase liver secretion, which normally returns to normal when use is stopped. Since Dianabol rapidly increases weight through strong accumulation of water, increased blood pressure and increased heart rate are possible, which makes it necessary to take an antihypertensive drug (pressure-lowering drug) in these circumstances. Additional intake of Nolvadex and Proviron may also be required, since Dianabol is highly aromatizable and easily converted to estrogens, causing gynecomastia in some athletes. Due to the strong androgenic component and its conversion to dihydrotestosterone, when taking Dianabol it is stimulated by the activity of the sebaceous glands, which can cause increased acne in some athletes. With the appropriate hereditary predisposition, the use of Dianabol can accelerate baldness, the reason for which is the high convertibility of its chemical substance into dihydrotestosterone. Dianabol has a significant impact on the level of endogenous testosterone. Studies have shown that using 30 mg of Dianabol per day for more than 10 days reduces testosterone production in the body by 30-40%. This is due to the pronounced antigonadotropic effect of Dianabol, that is, it inhibits the production of gonadotropins: FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and LH (luteinizing hormone) in the pituitary gland. Another drawback of Dianabol is that as you stop taking the drug, there is often a subsequent loss of strength and muscle mass, since the water retained in the body while taking the drug is removed from it. The use of Dianabol in high doses (100 mg per day) in some cases increases the aggressive behavior of the athlete, which, if it were aimed exclusively at training, could be an advantage of the drug. That is, those who by nature tend to easily “explode” should pay attention to this property of Dianabol so that its use does not lead to uncontrollable actions.

Despite all the possible problems, Dianabol is a “feel good” anabolic for most athletes, which improves mood and increases appetite in many athletes, which, combined with the results achieved, contributes to psychological enlightenment and increased self-esteem.


Since the patent right of Ciba-Geigy AG for the active chemical substance methandienone has been out of force for many years, other companies have acquired the right to produce this drug. Manufacturers from a variety of countries began to supply this substance to the market under their own names.

On the US market, the undisputed leaders among Dianabol drugs are the following products:

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Danabol Balkan Pharmaceuticals - tablets of 10 mg and 50 mg

Methandienone produced by ZPHC - bottle of 100 tablets of 10 mg

Dianabol Canada Peptides (Canada Biolabs) - bottle of 100 tablets of 10 mg


Dianabol is easily converted into estrogens, so aromatization and water retention in the body are common, which requires taking antiestrogens - Nolvadex or/and Proviron.


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